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What We Do


Regulatory compliance audits: documentary and field reviews of the standards of regulatory, environmental, sectoral and social compliance, to identify any potential infringements, and develop strategies to fully comply and meet all the requirements and minimize associated risks


Risk analysis - timely identify and classify risks related to non-compliance, conflicts and territorial breaches to prioritize compliance efforts.


Sanctioning processes: develop technical and legal strategies to address and manage sanctioning processes raised by the authority (Environmental Enforcement Agency and/or Public Services) to operations or projects, and minimize potential impacts.


Due Diligence - Conduct reviews and analyze compliance with environmental requirements and regulations during the investment or takeover stage of a project, to timely identify any nonconformity that may have an impact on the project's feasibility.


Community relations - design and implement Corporate Community Relations Policies with an overall scope, taking into account all relevant stakeholders in the development and operation of a project.


Social investment plan - design and implement Social Investment Plans (SIP) for the  operation or investment of a project with the neighboring communities and  stakeholders.  SIPs aim to build trust and credibility, and establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with the surrounding communities to reduce any potential conflict.


Stakeholder mapping: develop a Stakeholders Map involving direct and indirect players connected to a project or operation. Identify and analyze activities, objectives, impact, influence and expectations, among others.


EIA - DIA Strategies - develop and define environmental impact assessment strategies, guide the elaboration and processing of environmental authorizations before the respective authorities


International standards: identify the international standards applicable to an investment or operation project as well as those standards defined by project owners for specific purposes.  Standards can be defined to meet different  objectives, such as certification processes, financing processes or corporate regulations.

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