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Regulatory and Environmental Compliance Audits

The application of this Audit consists of executing a complete review exercise of the levels of regulatory, environmental and social compliance in the field with respect to the requirements that companies or projects have, derived from Environmental Qualification Resolutions, sectoral environmental regulations or voluntary agreements, which may also include contractor companies. This makes it possible to identify eventual non-compliances that could generate sanctioning risks before an inspection process, in accordance with current legislation. The main objective is to be able to minimize the risks present in each organization.


Gysling & Cía carries out individual work applied to each operating process, its own or that of contractors, identifying for each of them the different regulations and standards that apply and verifying their compliance in the field.


Emphasis is placed on the identification of obligations associated with the regulations and permits obtained, as well as the facilities, processes and measures involved, and then their level of compliance is determined. Also, a report is drawn up with the risks associated with non-conformities and their classification according to their sanctioning potential, to end with a regularization proposal. The accompaniment in this regularization process is also key in the Audit.

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